Child Law

Our family team provide expert advice in relation to all matters pertaining to child law. Where a child resides or what contact the child has with the absent parent are very important issues which need to be resolved following separation. Advice will be provided in relations to residence and contact application.

Often other issues arise such as the school a child should attend, whether a child can be brought out of the jurisdiction/country, whether the child can be permitted to go on holidays. These can be dealt with under a specific issue application. Advice will also be provided in relation to prohibited steps orders and whether either parent should be prohibited from taking certain steps in relation to the children.

Often children are subject to public law intervention when social services/ trust apply for a public law order such as a care order or supervision order in respect of children. Our dedicated team at GR Ingram’s will provide specialised advice in relation to defending such orders. We also attend child case conferences, LAC Review and Pre-Proceeding Meetings on your behalf.

Specialised advice is also provided in relation to children that are abducted and taken out of the country without the other parent’s permission. Advice will also be provided in relation to making a child a Ward of the court or on hague convention applications.

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